Ans:-My personal experience about this topic,i also studied at Resonance kota so,
Allen or Resonance would Recommend you their Particular Institute . various contradiction among various students & People .Really Students who would have tasted a bite of success in Their Life under the guidance of
If you are a Student oMedical ,then I specially recommend you to choose no institute Other than Allen ,because Allen has served as an autonomous name for making a thousands dreams come true ,who are standing in AIIMS & Neet Today. Really this year ,1 to 10 AIR all occupied by Allen .That's what is success or milestone set in Institute. Now,come to most attractive point of Your Question ,Its about Ennginering . Then sorry ,Please never commit a mistake in choossing a Friend ,Teacher ,Institute or Book .Because U have just 2 chance . AlleN is a big Name from very Last Years ,Yes it gave best performances but What it miss is LOw success …
Hello everyone
 If you are college student .You know about college life well.This is a golden  life,according to me  yo have any wishes then you have to definitely do that.Afer  this period ,will not come.
In college participate in all game,dancing,singing,acting etc.
And also study in proper way and systematic.
 Respect all other perseon it is also sai that  "Give  respect and  take respect"😄😄

Thank you...